Autumnal hot drink

How to do your own vanilla latte at home

Autumn means for me comfort food, comfort home and hot drinks. I didn’t find any recipe for a pumpkin spice latte like I buy at Starbucks. But for the vanilla latte, the second drink I love the most, I found a recipe who taste just like the one I like! Here is the recipe just […]

The Mayfield Lavender Farm in London

Hi everyone! Sorry for the absence. To be honest, I began a new job (yeahhhh!) and it took me a lot of time to find my new rhythm. But absence means I have a lot in reserve to write and publish. And for this return, here is an article about a place I visited in […]

How to leave everything to live in London

In April 2021, I left Brussels to live in London. I hardly said anything to anyone around me. I had been talking about it for quite some time but I had never proved that what I was saying was a reality and not just a dream. Well, at first it was a dream. But I […]

What to do on a sunny day in London

Good evening followers, As I write this article, we are facing a super hot summer weather in London. 32 degrees Celsius, oh my! Well, I was not prepared for that when I came here. In Belgium, we have quiet the same weather but it seems really hotter here, I don’t know why. It’s so hot […]

My new wellness routine (and yours too!)

I’ve been suffering from anxiety for a while now. And since last year, it’s been really worse with lockdown. I felt like I needed a declic to feel better. So, I tried sport: really don’t like it, sorry. I tried to eat healthier and to read more. And on top of that, I recently tried […]

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