How to do your own vanilla latte at home

Autumnal hot drink

Autumn means for me comfort food, comfort home and hot drinks. I didn’t find any recipe for a pumpkin spice latte like I buy at Starbucks. But for the vanilla latte, the second drink I love the most, I found a recipe who taste just like the one I like!
Here is the recipe just for you!


  • Milk (the one you prefer)
  • An expresso or instant coffee
  • Vanilla syrup zero sugar

And here’s how I make my latte:

Step 1: Put 1/3 milk in a mug. I use non dairy milk or oat milk. Heat it up.

Step 2: In an other mug put 2/3 water for your coffee (it depend how strong you want your latte but as it is a latte, you need a certain amount of milk so not too much coffee!) and warm it. Then, mix with your instant coffee. If you have a coffee machine (not like me who’s a tea person!), you can put an expresso.

Step 3: Foam the milk. I use a small milk frother that I bought from Ikea for like £2. I can’t find the link anymore so I’ll put the link to a similar one below. A real barista, I tell you!

Step 4: Put the coffee in the milk.

Step 5: Add the syrup. It super sweet so don’t add too much.

And it’s as simple as that!

Tell me if you tried it and how you loved it!


Barista French Vanilla Zero Calorie Syrup

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