What to do on a sunny day in London

Good evening followers,

As I write this article, we are facing a super hot summer weather in London. 32 degrees Celsius, oh my! Well, I was not prepared for that when I came here. In Belgium, we have quiet the same weather but it seems really hotter here, I don’t know why. It’s so hot right now I can’t sleep.

Anyway, when the weather is good, I like to go out and do activities outside. Especially on Sunday. Because I hate Sundays and I have to do something to not thinking about the fact that it’s Sunday. You know what I mean?

Well, this time it was way to hot to do anything. But, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a program done, just in case. I share with you some ideas if activities to do on a sunny day in London. You’ll thank me later.

First, you can explore the shores of the Thames. You’ll see Big Ben, the Westminster Abbey. And you’ll be able to enjoy a trip on the London Eye if you’re not afraid of heights like me, or make a cruise on the Thames.

Secondly, you can also go for a walk around the Royal Palaces like Buckingham Palace (open only 8 weeks per year in Summer, so go now if you want to visit this one), Kensington Palace, Tower of London, Hampton Court, Windsor Castle…

Then, you can always go in a park and sit or picnic. It’s no secret that the wildlife in England is beautiful. Parks like Hyde Park or James Park are just so wonderful. Maybe you’ll even see squirrels!

If you like to combine a walk with shopping, you can stroll through the various markets.

And if you want to leave the city for a moment, you can explore the Hackney City Farm.

This list is obviously not exhaustive because London is a big, great and beautiful city where you can do a lot of things!

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