My new wellness routine (and yours too!)

I’ve been suffering from anxiety for a while now. And since last year, it’s been really worse with lockdown. I felt like I needed a declic to feel better. So, I tried sport: really don’t like it, sorry. I tried to eat healthier and to read more. And on top of that, I recently tried meditation, affirmations and subliminal musics with Gaia Meditation.

Gaia Meditation is a Youtube channel that helped me in my spiritual awakening. It talks about the law of attraction and contributes to the emancipation of individuals and the collective consciousness with various free tools. You can find inspiring videos on the themes of spirituality and metaphysics, personal development, health/physical fitness, the environment, science and technology… You can learn to meditate with different methods. It also includes powerful audios including Brainwave Synchronisation technology (Binaural Sounds, Isochronous Sounds), the 432 Hz Nature Frequency, the 528 Hz Love Frequency & other Sacred Solfeggio frequencies. But also HQ Music Therapy MP3s including: guided meditation, meditation music, relaxation music, music for sleeping, subliminal music, yoga music, music for astral travel and out of body… There are videos in French but also in English so that’s really cool.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve set up a little routine to do every morning or evening, which is slowly starting to make a difference. Indeed, in order to become the “actress of my life”, I decided to practice the law of attraction daily.

But when you are depressed, suffer from anxiety or have low self-esteem, it may not work. Simply because our brain is conditioned to think the opposite and it is hard to make it think the opposite. E.g. “I am rich” when you are poor. It’s hard to put yourself in the opposite situation and imagine that you really are. You can then try afformations (affirmations in the form of questions) to reprogram your brain. You can also listen to subliminal music or watch kaleidoscope videos.

And this is what I decided to do every day for 40 days. 40 days being like the “minimum time” to do it.
I can’t tell you more as I’m not an expert but the videos explain it very well. I am now half way through and I feel less anxious, less sad and it is becoming a routine in my day. I listen to the music as I go about my business and it relaxes me.

So, I don’t think that alone will cure depression or anxiety but I think it can help a lot. Giving your brain positive messages clearly can’t hurt! I’m waiting to see what the rest has in store for me but I’m already convinced by the effects I’m feeling.

Gaia Meditation website:

Gaia meditation Youtube channel:

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